It's time for a change, it's time for the roofing industry in all its variations to take a stand and say I'm Proud to Promote Roofing. 

The Proud to Promote Roofing Campaign offers practical advice and tips on how to help raise the profile of the industry and encourage roofing as a positive career choice for all. 

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How can we help with your training?

  • We can support you to register your business to claim funding support from CITB for training
  • Help with preparing a company Skills Matrix and Training Plan
  • Promoting Training, Preparing Plans (including attendance), Bidding for Funds, Sourcing Training, Developing Courses, Claiming funding

We are here to support you and save you time!





Help with preparing a company Skills Matrix and Training Plan


Group training officer Denise Cherry is on a campaign to help each member company to prepare a Skills Matrix and a Training Plan for their business

“this is a very important part of planning for training to have a really positive effect on business performance and both these documents are frequently requested when companies need to show competence for initiatives such as CHAS and Safe Contractor”.    


The Matrix is part of the NFRC's Qualifying the Workforce programme and Training Plans are a requirement for CompetentRoofer and to become a Green Deal Approved Company.


"Preparation of these documents does not take too long, we use a range of templates and I am happy to call into individual company premises to help”.


As Group Training Officer Denise can visit you at your offices, or arrange a remote meeting to gather information on the existing skills within your business.


The training required within the business will be assessed, considering changes in legislation and working practices, forthcoming work, and specific client requirements.

The information gathered will then be considered and a Gap Analysis prepared, which will be used to consider a range of training options.


We will then cost the options, working with associate members and other providers to find local, cost effective solutions.


Why Train


Skills Matrix


Used to assess training needs. It is a table that shows skills of individuals in a team and any gaps between the skills of employees and the job roles they have. It is also known as a competency framework.


Training Plan


A list of proposed training over a given period of time, used in conjunction with a Skills Matrix.