It's time for a change, it's time for the roofing industry in all its variations to take a stand and say I'm Proud to Promote Roofing. 

The Proud to Promote Roofing Campaign offers practical advice and tips on how to help raise the profile of the industry and encourage roofing as a positive career choice for all. 

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Chair - Alex Kettle-Metcalfe


Alex works for Everlast Waterproofing as a Contracts Co-Ordinator. He has thirteen years experience in roofing management and delivery of multiple refurbishment and new build projects with a value up to £1.4m.



Vice Chair - Martin Adwick


Martin has significant experience in the industry including holding the position of chair of the Institute of Roofing.

Treasurer - Peter Rogerson


Peter has a wealth of experience in the Roofing Industry and the group welcome his extensive experience to the team.

Committee Member - Lesley Cage


Office Manager with Karl Austerfield Roofing Ltd and brings her experience of the industry to the team.

Group Training Officer - Denise Cherry


Over 15 years experience in the role supporting businesses... Denise is a member of the Institute of Roofing, she holds Level 4 qualifications in Learning & Development, Business Advice and Advice & Guidance.  Find out more about Denise here. You can contact Denise on: