This is the Government's initiative to provide useful work experience for young people.

If you are considering taking on someone between 16 and 25 Checkout KICKSTART and contact for the benefits for joining the programme

It's time for a change, it's time for the roofing industry in all its variations to take a stand and say I'm Proud to Promote Roofing. 

The Proud to Promote Roofing Campaign offers practical advice and tips on how to help raise the profile of the industry and encourage roofing as a positive career choice for all. 

Find out more here.


The Kickstart Scheme is designed to provide young people with an experience that improves their future employability. 

It is important to us that the young people on your placements cultivate the skills needed to secure future employment: whether that is with yourselves, or with another organisation.



Yorkshire Independent Roof Training Group is committed to working with member companies to help them to take up this offer and to assist with paperwork, policies, interviewing and training as appropriate for each company.   

YIRTG are supporting the Kickstart programme through EN-Able Communities to provide a local personal service to member companies because we are  -  Pround to Promote roofing                               Application Form

This Government scheme if open to companies of all sizes, and to ensure young people are safe and supported whilst on work experience there is inevitably a reasonable amount of paperwork required to take advantage of this scheme.

Contact the Training Group if you would like assistance with interviewing, drafting relevant documentation such as

  • Job Description
  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Health and safety
  • Manual handling and procedure document,
  • Lone Working,
  • Policy on reducing health and safety risks of workplace equipment,
  • Policy and procedure on display screen equipment
  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment

If you are interested in supporting a young person into the Roofing Industry and would like to ensure that they are also effective in your business as soon as possible,  YIRTG can assist you to arrange suitable, timely training in relevant subjects.


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