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The Wales National Roof Training Group has been successful in their application to CITB for national delivery of heritage training and they are supporting a course delivered in Derbyshire.


NVQ Diploma Level 3 in Roof Slating and Tiling QUF 870


Funding available for companies registered with CITB


This 30-day course develops skills and experience working with heritage roofing materials leading to an NVQ Diploma Level 3 qualification, awarded by NOCN

Course attendance

Candidates are expected to attend a 30 day programme over a 12 month period in various locations across the UK  

Course elements

The Programme covers the following elements: clay tiling; natural random-sized slating; stone slating including historic valley detail


The course is delivered by UK roofing awards Heritage Winners Andy Rowlands and Richard Jordan

SAP Costings per employee


NVQ Registration                         £80.00

NVQ 3 Heritage Course cost    £6000.00

Assessment                                £600.00


                              Total Cost £6,6800.00


Employer Payment Schedule to WNRTG

  • £500 plus £80.00 on registration
  • 3 consecutive monthly payments of £500
  • OSAT Assessment £600 at month 12

Grants available from CITB


Contribution to cost of training                                              £4,000.00

3x Tier Payments £120                                                            £360.00


Level 3 NVQ Achievement (paid on completion of NVQ)         £600.00


                                                                                     Total £4,960.00