It's time for a change, it's time for the roofing industry in all its variations to take a stand and say I'm Proud to Promote Roofing. 

The Proud to Promote Roofing Campaign offers practical advice and tips on how to help raise the profile of the industry and encourage roofing as a positive career choice for all. 

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Grants and Funding



CITB grants support employers who provide day to day training for their workforce.

Their grants contribute to the cost of training and qualifying your workforce in construction-related subjects across the following three categories:

  • CITB pay grants at three tiered rates. The tier is determined by the duration and content of the course:

    • tier 1 is £30
    • tier 2 is £70
    • tier 3 is £120




CITB funding is avaialble to support training projects and this includes the Skills and Training Fund where companies can apply for funding up to £10K for skills and training for small- or micro-sized employers and up to £25k for medium-sized employers


YIRTG has an excellent track record for assisting companies to obtain Skills and Training Funding having assisted over 25 member companies to obtain funding which has delivered more than £250,000 worth of training to roofing companies in the Yorkshire and Humber Region.





As a member of a CITB Training group YIRTG also have access to a training fund which enables us to assist companies with exceptional training needs to

access training which they might otherwise not be able to afford. More than 40 group members have been assisted with course costs facilitating training with a value of over £300,000 in the last 4 years.





Some regions support construction and the built environment as a priority sector and make further funding available for training - Leeds, Hull and Sheffield City Region all  support construction, if a case can be made for specific training, so please contact us if you have training requirements, and we will assist where possible. Roofing companies have benefitted from regional funding to undertake NVQs, Site Safety Plus, and Plant Courses.



Why not get in touch today to see how we can help you access funding?