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This is the Government's initiative to provide useful work experience for young people.

If you are considering taking on someone between 16 and 25 Checkout KICKSTART and contact Denise@YIRTG.org.uk for the benefits for joining the programme

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Yorkshire Independent Roof Training Group works with our local member roofing companies and employers to provide them access to discounted training, networking and our aim is to promote roofing as an attractive and viable career. 


Our dedicated group training officer Denise Cherry supports the group and our members by managing day to day operations, liaising with member companies and training providers to get the best deals for member companies.

What do we offer? 


We source and provide quality training for our members in Yorkshire to support upskilled, industry leading workforces for their companies.


Key Services we offer include:

  • The sourcing, organisation and booking support of training courses at competitive prices and convenient locations.
  • Identifying funding options for courses where available. 
  • Professional advice on training
  • Newsletters
  • Free RoofCert technical tests 
  • Support from the Group Training Officer to assist with training needs, skills matrix and skills gap support 

Why not get in touch to see how we can support you? 

FREE on-line courses in support of RoofCERT

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Contact your training officer, Denise Cherry on 07971 232 645 or email Denise@YIRTG.org.uk to find out more.